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Service Details

Typical FLET'S ADSL Connection

Basic services


• 2 E-mail addresses can be used per subscription.
For example, you will be able to receive business E-mails in the same mailbox as your private E-mail.

Optional Services


Other Optional Services

Service Name



advanced spam filtering

Block unwanted junk mail before it enters your mailbox with the power of critically acclaimed “SPAM Assassin.” More than 60% of all Internet mail is classified as SPAM. Fight back.

100 yen
(105 yen tax included)
per month

virus filtering service

An optional service that scans (and blocks) virus infected mail. During periods of high virus propagation, this service could potentially block thousands of dangerous e-mail saving you time and anxiety.

100 yen
(105 yen tax included)
per month

additional mailbox

Extra 20MB mailboxes for your family members, business use, etc. Get as many as you want.

300 yen
(315 yen tax included)
per account

global roaming

Use your GOL ID and Password to get online while overseas. Avoid noisy and crowded Internet cafes.

500 yen
per month