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Static IP on Broadband



Router Package Plan

GOL can provide you a router for your FLET'S service with static IP addresses. We can advise as to which of the routers below will best fit a customers requirements. The purchased router will be fully configured and delivered to your location before the service start date. Simply plug the router in and it is ready to go.



Static IP Router Plan

(40,950yen tax included)

* Includes configuration, postage

Router + System Intergration Plan

GOL's Router Package Plan can provide a customer with only one configured router. Firewall and VPN's are not included. A customized estimate can be made if interested in these services. Please inquire with GOL Corporate Sales Department.


additional services

Domain Registration

GOL can provide domain name registration, which includes primary DNS. Please inquire with GOL Corporate Sales for details.

Primary DNS Service

GOL can provide and manage the Primary DNS for you. There is no need to set up and run your own domain name server.

Secondary MX Service

In the event there is a loss of connectivity, GOL's secondary MX service will spool your E-mail and deliver it to you once connectivity is regained.

Optional Services


Domain Registration

15,000 yen/year (15,750 yen tax included/year)

Primary DNS Service

5,000 yen/year (5,250 yen tax included/year)

Secondary MX Service

1,000 yen/month (1,050 yen tax included/month)