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ADSL + IP-Phone


What is an IP-Phone?

Instead of calling via the public telephone network using a conventional telephone, IP-Phone routes calls via the IP network. VoIP (Voice over IP) technology is what makes this new type of telephone service possible.

Starting in April 2001, Fusion Communications first utilized this technology to provide an Intermediary IP-Phone Service attracting over 2.5 million users in just three years. Additionally, new FUSION IP-Phone service was made available to customers starting in April 2003, maintaining quality and proven reliability.

IP-Phone may be your solution if you often find yourself wanting


  • Lower communication fees

  • Lower calling fees between stations or branch offices of the same company

  • Lower international calling fees

  • Lower fees for calling cell phones

  • IP-Phone number displayed on the recipient's cell phone

Using Broadband Lines

By using a broadband line, the need for making calls with an NTT line will be minimal, greatly reducing your telephone bills. Adding FLET'S Services covering a wide area and FUSION IP-Phone ensuring high-quality telephone calls creates a combination that will give you more opportunities for smart savings.

■Benefits of the FUSION IP-Phone
  • Domestic calls for 8 yen / 3 min.

  • Free calls between FUSION IP-Phone users

  • Economical international calls (i.e. Mainland U.S.A.: 8yen / 1 min.)
    >> Complete List of "International Calling Rates"(Japanese Only)

  • Call mobile phones for 16 yen / 1 min.

For those using business phones(PBX,multifunction phones, etc.) considering the FUSION IP-Phone... For tneeding sonsulting assistance...

A Multiple Number Package enables multiple calls to be made simultaneously on one broadband line. A great decrease in calling fees can be expected with this package. Customers using business phones (PBX, multifunction phones, etc.) have the opportunity to select equipment specially made for corporate use. Please contact your network administrator or a FUSION IP-Phone agent for details.


If your network maintainer does not support FUSION IP-Phone, please directly contact a Fusion Communications Sales Assistant for assistance.

For private business owners and SOHO customers...

The plans below are recommended to private business owners and SOHO customers in need of a single telephone number. Applications can be made online, using a credit card as the only method of payment.


  • GOL B-FLET'S Plan + FUSION IP-Phone


There will be only one phone number.


For ADSL, FUSION GOL can provide the designated VoIP modem (NECAT). For fiber optics, the customer must prepare the designated router themselves.


Charges apply if equipment installation is needed (approx. 13,000 yen).


Business phone (PBX, multifunction phones, etc.) users will not be able to sign up online since construction must be handled by a licensed worker. Please contact your network administrator, FUSION IP-Phone agent, or a Fusion Communications Sales Assistant directly for assistance.