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Virtual Private Hosting

Service Summary

Especially for hands-on server control! FUSION GOL VPH (Virtual Private Hosting)  suits businesses seeking server security.

High Security

Isolation is the Best Security

While user data is physically stored on the same server, users are completely secluded from each other through virtualization technology. All data is safely hidden from prying eyes in your own private virtual partition and other customer operations do not affect your own system resources. Your valuable data can not be accessed through malicious use of CGI, etc.

Low Cost

Keep your Money - Lose your Stress

By creating a virtual private server, features that were previously limited by traditional shared hosting are now made possible, promoting superior cost-performance. With the ability to run numerous applications on the same system, system management costs can be drastically cut.


Install and Customize at Root Level

A virtually-defined partition system provides for a flexible environment where, with root privileges, you have complete control. Software can be installed and configured without limitation. The pre-installed Apache Web Server runs independently on each user's partition and thus can be customized and tweaked to meet your needs.


You are the Master of your Domains

The ability to host multiple domains on one VPH account open's the door to easier site management. Configure separate/multiple Web sites, and mail addresses for each domain at your leisure.

SSL Self-authentication (Optional)

Data will be encrypted

SSL is a protocol with a built-in security function developed as an authentication and encryption communication channel to protect private information such as credit card information transferred online. By using SSL, data that is transferred can be encrypted and will prevent security violators from stealing your information.

We fully support customer usability

Pre-installed Software

Software required for typical server operation comes pre-installed to save you from the time and effort demanded by troublesome installation and configuration. Your VPH is ready to use from the start!

Pre-installed Software


FreeBSD Kernel and Userland

Mailing List Manager


Web Server


Data Base


Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, Perl5.8, PHP4

Remote Access

Telnet, SSH, FTP

Traffic Monitor System (Free Option)


Using the "Webalizer" (Web Hit Analyzer), a variety of site statistics can be displayed by day, month, time zone, referring link, and more. Data is displayed in a streamlined, easy-to-read graphical and numerical interface.

"Webmin" Control Panel (Free Option)


With the web based GUI system management tool "Webmin," server operation, Apache setup, restarts, etc., can be performed remotely at the click of a mouse and account creation, password changes, etc., are easily handled within the borders of your favorite Web browser.

Sophisticated Data Backup

With our dual-disk "RAID-1" redundant configuration, your business is prepared to prevent disastrous data loss. At least one full backup is performed each week with additional backups occurring when appropriate.

We reserve the right to limit technical support of the "Virtual Private Hosting" service to the following situations.

  • First-time configuration information

  • Issues related to the server or our network connection to the server

We are unable to assist with technical issues or provide information related to operation / configuration of any software installed by the customer. The operation and management of the server is the responsibility of the customer and we ask that you please refer to appropriate manuals or online content to solve problems if they arise.