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Affiliated Companies

FUSION GOL operates our business in partnership with affiliated companies that market services, solutions, and products designed to expand opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction.

Inquiries about partnership

Please contact our Corporate Sales Department Headquarters, at Fusion Network Services Corp.

Tel: 03-3239-6816 / Fax: 03-5276-5230 / E-mail: corpsales@gol.com

Affiliated companies (in no special order)


Bringing new action and assurance to business. DREAM GATE College is a practical entrepreneurs' training school that offers “real life” lessons ranging from opening a store to business administration. Thirty seasoned entrepreneurs including leaders of the business world share the “keys to success” with students aiming for new business achievement in the future.


Offering the latest spec PCs at amazingly low prices. Customers receive special discounts when purchasing SOTEC products. Please contact us at the following number to find out about special prices for users:

Corporate Sales Department, SOTEC CO., LTD.
Tel: 03-5825-6426